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Are you tired of working for someone else?

Do you have a dream of how you can do what you love and make money? Starting a small business isn’t easy but is worth it. Check out the resources below to help you get started and contact us to help develop your plan.

3 Step Process: Get your business off the ground

Step 1: Develop Your Plan:

We work closely with the Nebraska Business Development Center to help you develop your business plan. 

NBDC has a consultant just down the hall in the Keystone Business Center
to provide expert guidance in developing your business plan.

Step 2: find funding

There are multiple ways to finance your business.
Let MEDC talk to you about your options that include:
  • Traditional Bank Financing – There are many financial institutions that can sit down with you to evaluate your business plan financials and provide advice on what lending options would be available. A list of McCook area banks can be found here.
  • LB 840 Gap Loans – Along with traditional financing, the LB 840 Gap Loan program can help fill in the gap that traditional financing can’t cover. Click here for information on the program and to get an application.
  • Alternative Lenders
    • Rural Enterprise Assistance Project – (REAP) is committed to strengthening rural communities through small, self-employed business development. REAP offer four essential services: financing (microloans), business training, technical assistance, and networking.
    • Nebraska Enterprise Fund – The Nebraska Enterprise Fund is the premier Nebraska small business Community Development Finance Institution providing business development services and financing to micro and small businesses across the state.

Step 3: Technical Assistance:

Once you have your plan and financing available, you may need additional skills to help your business get started and continue to grow.


Let us help match you with the right partner for assistance whether it involves marketing your business, setting up operating procedures, or figuring out your financials.

Alternative Route:

Purchase an existing business:

There are multiple business owners in the McCook area who have run successful businesses for decades and are looking to retire.

If you are interested in purchasing a business, contact MEDC to explore opportunities that are available.

MEDC can also offer LB 840 Gap Loans to help in the purchase price.

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