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Access to quality childcare is becoming more widely understood as a key driver of our statewide and local economies. Families are also impacted deeply by the lack of access to affordable and regulated childcare. Access to childcare impacts how families can participate in the workforce, local economy, and their quality of life.

The McCook Community 4 Kids Team is an initiative led locally by McCook Economic Development Corporation with support provided by the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. The local team has led the efforts to increase access and quality of early childhood education throughout the area. At the MEDC, we are committed to explore different opportunities and programs to make McCook better for individuals and families in the workforce.

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  • Startup & Expansion Resources
  • Infant Incentive Program

Healthy development in the early years (particularly birth to three) provides the building blocks for educational achievement, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health, strong communities, and successful parenting of the next generation.

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