Business Coach

Every professional team includes a coach. As in a game where the stakes are high, the business coach at the Keystone Business Center (KBC) Incubator provides direction, experience, leads to resources, support and enthusiasm for the win to new businesses! The business coach also serves as the KBC Incubator Manager, helping owners find the best location for their new business, whether it be in the beautiful, centrally located Keystone Business Center, or another facility in the area.

Business evaluations by Shaner are at no cost and can also include businesses that are in transition and are wanting to buy or sell. Applicants can be those with just an idea for a business, a hobby with marketing potential or an existing business that wants to expand but
not sure of what step to take next.

In addition, Sue Shaner is willing to work with those interested in submitting a business plan for the The Hormel Business Plan Competition, next scheduled for November 2011.The winning entrepreneur or team will receive a $25,000 cash investment, as well as consulting
and advertising services valued at $10,000. “There are so many programs and resources out there, sometimes it’s like finding a needle in the haystack,” she said. “I don’t know all the answers but we can help pinpoint what it is an existing business needs to expand, or what
a new entrepreneur needs to get started. This means we look at the “big picture,” and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of new or existing business.” It can include such things as developing a business plan, which involves financing programs that offer micro and
or low-interest loans, or a marketing plan, which can help determine such things as who else is offering the product or service in the industry or what business owners can do to attract new customers. The area resource team that is a referral network of professionals who assist the business coach. The team, comprised of people in the community who have expertise in their own professional sphere, such as banking, housing, accounting or human resources, will act as “connector” people for those just getting started. “It’s true what they say, it’s not just what you know but who you know,” Rex Nelson, Executive Director of the MEDC explains, as the resource team will share their own experience and contacts.

As the former Dean of Economic and Training at Mid Plains Community College, Shaner became familiar with area businesses as she customized and designed business training programs. She and her husband also have owned businesses themselves, such as a health club in the Chicago
area, so she understands the challenges and risks that come with being a small business owner. Even if you only need someone to bounce ideas to, Shaner is enthusiastic about the possibilities that can be achieved.

To schedule an appointment with Sue Shaner, call her at (308) 340-2698 or e-mail sue@mccookne.org