Retail Incubator Information

Retail Incubator Space

578 square feet of space with great store frontage.

Make your retail dreams come true on the corner of Norris and D.

In an effort to spur homegrown retail business, the McCook Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will offer the 101 Suite in the Keystone Business Center as a retail incubator. The 101 Suite has 578 square feet in a great location on the corner of Norris and D. Individuals will be able to rent the space for a six (6) month lease at a reduced rate to test a retail idea. At the end of the six months, if the incubator is successful it will ‘graduate’ to another retail space in the community of McCook.

To qualify for the retail incubator rate an individual must do the following:

  1. Develop and submit a business plan to MEDC.
  2. Meet with a retail mentor after developing the business plan to discuss the business.
  3. Meet with the MEDC Executive Director and a member of the retail recruitment committee or a board of director to talk about the business.
  4. Pay the entire six month lease ($1,200) up front. This covers rent, utilities, and common cleaning costs for the six month period.
  5. Meet with their retail mentor at least twice during the six month incubation period.

Economic Development Loan Fund

MEDC also assist you in developing a proposal for an LB 840 business loan. Some basic information on the loan includes:

  • The loan can provide for up to 50% of the applicant’s total project cost
  • The interest rate is fixed and is usually one-half of the lending rate at a traditional banking source.
  • The loan term can be as long as seven (7) years long.

To qualify for a loan the individual must:

  1. Review the Loan Fund Guidelines found on-line at: https://mccookne.org/resources/financial-resources/local-incentive-programs/
  2. Complete the Loan Application Form found on-line at: https://mccookne.org/resources/financial-resources/local-incentive-programs/

Questions or to get started:

Call the McCook Economic Development Corporation at 308-345-1200 or e-mail andy@mccookne.org.