Why McCook?

There are so many things that make this area such an attractive place to live and raise a family as well as to do business. Here are some of the things our business people are saying:

“Because people here aspire to greatness!  If you want to be a cowboy, you hang around with cowboys.  If you want to achieve your life’s goals, enjoy personal success, and give your kids the same opportunities,  you hang around with people from McCook because that’s what they do….succeed!  (It really works if you want to be a successful cowboy!)” Cal Siegfried, Willow Creek Meats

“The productivity of our people in the plant here is exceptional. We have virtually no absenteeism here where in plants I managed back east I would see as high as 40% on any given day” Dan Tangeman, former manager Parker HannifinIndustrial Hose Division.

“There’s a sense of pride here, it stems from a passionate commitment to quality.” Mary Thorsen, Burns Podiatric Laboratory.

“Since moving to McCook in July of 2000, my family and I have seen countless examples of the commitment, ownership, and passion that the people in McCook show for their community.  We all take pride in a warm, friendly, and clean community and welcome visitors and new people moving to McCook to share in their home.  As the President of Community Hospital, which employs more than 270 people from McCook and the surrounding region, I also see this same commitment, ownership, and passion in the healthcare services they provide to those same community people and their families each and every day.  Whether this care is in the emergency room during a trauma, or on the patient floor caring for a grandparent in their final days this commitment and caring attitude for the community and the people shines through and reminds me that McCook is a special place to raise a family and be proud of where you live.” Jim Ulrich, CEO, Community Hospital.

Other comments we get:

“It just costs less to do business here.”

“I can get a building permit in a matter of days.”

“It’s a safe community with good schools and services.”

“I can get to work in five minutes. “

“We have easy access to I-70 and I-80 without having to transition on I-25 on the Front Range.”

“You can buy shovel ready sites with utility services in place for around $10,000 an acre.”

“Our industrial park has rail siding connected to a BNSF 24 hour switchyard”

“The McCook Ben Nelson Regional Airport has up to date ILS Equipment and is a favorite for corporate jet traffic.”