McCook ranked as one of the safest cities in Nebraska

AREA News, News, Photo Feature - 10.16.19
McCook ranked as one of the safest cities in Nebraska, reveals study.
Norfolk has the highest safety score in the state.
McCook was found to have a score of 75.01.
There is a citizen-to-officer ratio of 1.87 per 1,000 citizens in McCook.
Infographic showing safest cities across Nebraska.
Safety First: Perhaps you’re looking for a change of scenery, or maybe your job has offered you a promotion in a different city. Whatever it is, when considering packing up your life and moving to a different place, safety should be your number one priority. Security-based review, comparison and news site, Security Baron, analyzed FBI rankings of crime rates to find out what the top 5 safest cities are in Nebraska, and what their safety score is. The analysis found that McCook (with a population of 7,498) emerged on the list, with an average safety score of 75.01 and a rate of 1.07  violent crimes per 1,000 citizens. The city has a citizen-to-officer ratio of 1.87 per 1,000  people and a rate of 23.87 property crimes per 1,000 citizens. It was also found that the safest city in Nebraska is Norfolk with a safety score of 77.86 and an average income of $46,542. The city also has a citizen-to-officer ratio of 1.56 per 1,000 people and there are 10,123 households here on average.