McCook Cowork Space Open House – Sept. 23 – 3:30-7:00 p.m.

AREA News, Events, News, Photo Feature - 09.17.20

McCook Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will host tours of the McCook Cowork Space on September 23rd from 3:30-7:00 p.m. This will be held in conjunction with the McCook Chamber Heritage Days Mixer at the Keystone Business Center, 402 Norris Ave. If you want a tour, show up in the lobby during these times and MEDC Director Andy Long will be available to show you the space and answer questions.

The McCook Cowork Center will provide a professional space in the Keystone Business Center to enhance entrepreneurs, remote work employees, people with a side hustle, and employees of organizations that need additional tools to support the work they do. It will also be a location for tech students in high school and college to create, learn, and train others on how to use technology to improve business. It will create connections and partnerships in how people do work.

MEDC Executive Director Andy Long talked about the importance of the space and said, “Overnight, millions of people in this country learned to work from home. People are productive and happy when they remote work, but remote workers also want a professional location to work from and we strived to produce this.”

Some of the features of the cowork spaces includes 1 Gig internet, 2-iMac computers, 1 Dell Optiplex computer, access to Adobe Creative Suite, 3 private offices with enhanced video conference capabilities, a Dymo Mailing Solution, access to a Sharp MX-3140 color copier/scanner, and multiple work stations with dual monitors. In the future the space will also add an audio/video recording room to allow individuals to create high quality material with tools an individual may not have access.

“We hope to develop creative people with the software and tools to create audio and video,” said Long. “With the growth of podcasts, YouTube, and other digital mediums we want to make sure people in southwest Nebraska can compete and promote what they do worldwide. To be successful we know we need to recruit remote workers and grow our own local businesses.”

Evening and weekend memberships begin at $40/month and full members pay $65/month. You can find out more by calling MEDC at 308-345-1200 or e-mailing Andy Long at andy@mccookne.org.

If you want to see the space and this time doesn’t work for you, e-mail Andy at andy@mccookne.org or call 308-345-1200. More information on the McCook Cowork Space can be found at: https://mccookne.org/keystone-business-center/mccook-cowork-space/