First Facade Grant Approved

AREA News, News - 07.24.12

McCOOK, Nebraska — The KDS Professional Building at 802 West B Street in McCook is sporting an attractive new mansard roof façade thanks in part to a combination loan/grant from the new City of McCook Façade Renovation Grant/Loan program.

Rex Nelson, Executive Director of McCook Economic Development Corporation who serves as administrator for the program said that this was a great inaugural project.

“It benefits the business of course, but it also benefits the community in helping McCook look sharp and progressive.

“It leaves a good impression” said Nelson, “which makes them that much more likely to make McCook their choice next time they hit the road for services.”

Building owner Linda Maiden was pleased with the outcome as well, and said, “this program makes it so much easier for building owners to make improvements that might otherwise be a strain on the business cash flow.”

The City support, which totaled $11,950 on the $14,450 project, included $1,950 as a grant and $10,000 as a zero interest, five year loan. The program offers any combination of $5000 in grant funds or $10,000 in loan funds depending on the needs of the business. “Although we have other pending applications” Nelson said, “we still have funds available.”

Interested businesses are encouraged to call MEDC for information or find the application online under Business Resources/Local Financial Resources on the MEDC website at www.mccookne.org.

“Linda has done a great job with this,” said Nelson. “Folks should make a point to notice when they go by.

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