Marketing Hometown America


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Marketing Hometown America empowers communities to create a vision to grow. Designed as a tool to create dialogue that moves toward action, it can be the spark to help a rural community look at itself in a new way.

On May 26th, 2016, nine McCook citizens stepped forward as facilitators to lead small study groups in McCook. Clark Bates, Mary Dueland, Tim Garcia, Denise Garey, Mary Kircher, Kim Korgan, Gene O. Morris, Tor Olson and Gene Weedin conducted four meetings over five weeks with their volunteer teams to identify the assets of McCook, create a marketing plan and identify projects to improve the city of McCook. This “Marketing Hometown America” initiative culminated on June 30th at the Weeth Theater in a meeting open to the public. Citizens listened to the presentations given by each group and voted on which projects they believed would be the most prosperous for the community. The projects with the most support were assigned an Action Team Leader who will be the point person for making sure the project continues. These top 4 are listed below.


Website Coordination
Bill Longnecker
Vacant Homesteading
Kerri Long


Norris REA Tribute
Cloyd Clark
Neighborhood Trailer
Tor Olson


Other Projects

Throughout the course of the 5 weeks, many assets and projects were identified. McCook is not limited to just these 4 projects! A few of the other projects mentioned are listed below. If you’re interested in creating an Action Team for one of these projects, click the link below and let us know!

City-Wide Beautification Projects
Entrance Signage
Build F.L. Wright 2nd Home
Town Murals
“The Bricks” Main Street Program
City Maps/Street Signage
Community Development Projects
New Swimming Pool Complex
Indoor Skate Park
Children’s Museum
Vineyard/Winery/Tasting Room
Drive-In Theater


New Events and Festivals
Outdoor Recreation Festival
Saturday Themed Street Markets
Antique Festivals
Art Showcase/Festival
Town Promotion and Recruitment
McCook Ambassadors Group
Alumni Association and Recruiting
McCook “Minute Clips”


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