Networks for Success

If you have been successful in starting, running, or working in a business or organization in Southwest Nebraska and would be willing to help others find success, join our Networks for Success. Whether you are an entrepreneur, have a specialized skill set, or are retired you can become a part of our network.

We collect information about you on the form below and then when we have new business ideas, special events, or businesses that come to us for help, we help match them with you so you can give advice or provide mentorship. We do not list your name publicly, but only provide an individual who comes to us, your contact information and the area you are willing to help provide advice. As a part of this program, we want you to offer your advice on your first visit for free, but in the future, they may become a paying customer.

If you have questions, please contact Andy at andy@mccookne.org or 308-345-1200.