McCook Mastermind Alliance

McCook Mastermind Alliance

In 1727 Ben Franklin formed a club of young tradespeople. This group meet one night a week and discussed the topics of the day and helped in the development of each other. The group lasted for 40 years and gave us our first library, volunteer fire departments, public hospital, police departments, paved streets, and the University of Pennsylvania.

We are trying to copy Franklin and his associates by forming the McCook Mastermind Alliance. The McCook Mastermind Alliance is a group of highly motivated, like-minded people who invest in one another. Group meetings occur weekly before work or over the lunch hour and include book discussion, leadership development, the celebration of successes, and work through failures. The Mastermind groups are free to join, but you are expected to have at least 75% attendance and complete reading outside of the meeting time. Currently Mastermind groups are forming from 7:00-7:50 on either Tuesday or Thursday or 12:00-12:50 on Monday and Wednesday. If you are interested in joining a Mastermind complete the form below or call or e-mail Andy at 308-345-1200 or andy@mccookne.org. Groups will plan to start meeting the second week of September.

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