McCook Infant Incentive

Currently, the biggest challenge in McCook is the number of early childhood education spots available for infants. The college generally has a waitlist of over a dozen infants. The challenge for providers is the ratio of infants and the financially feasible to justify taking more infants. Many in home providers don’t take the maximum amount of infants, because of the extra attention and effort infants require. The infant incentive would give in home providers a $250/month incentive to watch three infants (6 weeks – 18 months) and centers would receive $250/month for taking additional (at least above 4). There are a maximum of 10 incentives available.


1. Fill out an application and turn into the MEDC. Application contains:

  • General contact info
  • Proof of license
  • Current roster with date of birth:
  • W-9
  • Age of infant qualification will be age at the start of the month
  • An infant spot equals a full infant spot (i.e. if two, half time infants occupy one infant spot, it is only counted as one for the incentive)

2. The application will be reviewed by the early childhood committee and up to 10 additional infant applications will be awarded.

3. Every month, a provider must submit an updated roster showing the increase in number of infants and will be reimbursed $250/month per additional infant

  • Incentive is taxable income and the provider will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for incentives awarded.
  • Provider must let employees of businesses sponsoring incentive have priority for open infant spots (behind current families and employee children)
  • Priority businesses currently include, McCook Community Hospital, McCook Clinic, and MNB Financial Group

4. Currently the program will begin in March, 2020 and is currently funded through the end of February 2021. If successful, funders have indicated a willingness to continue funding this program.


Initial Application

Monthly Report


Contact Andy Long at andy@mccookne.org or 308-345-1200.