Early Childhood Education

New Childcare Provider Jump Start

  • Quality Childcare is a skilled profession
  • Our childcare providers are important small businesses in our community
  • You could be the next provider in our area

We want to take some of the roadblocks out of starting a childcare business by providing the education needed to start the business and $3,000 in startup capital for a smart start. Learn more by clicking here.

Early Childhood Education Scholarship

McCook Economic Development Corporation in conjunction with McCook Community College is pleased to be able to offer two, full tuition and fees scholarships for students interested in studying and working in early childhood education in the McCook region. Learn more by clicking here.

McCook Infant Incentives

Currently, the biggest challenge in McCook is the number of early childhood education spots available for infants. The college generally has a waitlist of over a dozen infants. The challenge for providers is the ratio of infants and the financially feasible to justify taking more infants. Many in home providers don’t take the maximum amount of infants, because of the extra attention and effort infants require. The infant incentive would give in home providers a $250/month incentive to watch three infants (6 weeks – 18 months) and centers would receive $250/month for taking additional (at least above 4). There are a maximum of 10 incentives available. Click here to learn more.


Contact Andy Long at andy@mccookne.org or 308-345-1200.