Come Home to Southwest Nebraska

Living in Southwest Nebraska can provide you one of the greatest gifts you can receive . . . . TIME! It’s about time for you to come home.

It’s about time for a traffic jam to mean having to wait for three cars driving down Norris Ave.

It’s about time to travel 5 minutes to get all the shopping you need instead of 45 minutes.

It’s about time to spend with family.

It’s about time to know you have a whole community looking out for your children.

It’s about time to enjoy live music throughout the year and not travel more than a block from the parking lot.

If it’s about time for you or you would consider opportunities available in the McCook area, please complete the following form. We will keep your information private and only share it with employers or business owners that seem like it could be a good fit for what job opportunities would be of interest to you. If you are interested in owning a business, please check that box and we will share that information with business owners who are looking to transition out of their business in the next couple of years.