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Lopez Family Purchases Business Park Lot

AREA News, Events, News, Photo Feature - 09.05.18

Maria and Luis Lopez stand next to the entrance of the McCook Business Park, where they have begun work to open their auto/diesel shop next spring.

This May, McCook Economic Development Corporation welcomed the newest owners to the Industrial Park when Luis and Maria Lopez purchased #1 Industrial Park Drive. The Lopez family has moved to McCook from Denver with their four children, Felipe, 19, Anthony, 16, Maria Giselle, 12, and Isabel, 10.  They are planning to have their auto mechanic and diesel shop open in the spring of 2019.

Luis and Maria became familiar with McCook thanks to a good friend, Omar Carbajal. During their visits to McCook, the idea of moving to a smaller community grew for the Lopez’s.

Luis has owned his own repair shop in Denver since 2013. They sold their shop in Denver and have used the proceeds from the sale to move, buy and fix up a home, and now start to build their shop in McCook. They are doing most of the work themselves to get up and running and are excited for the opportunity to become a part of the community.

The Lopez family purchased the fourth business lot sold. Silverstone was the first occupant who came in 2002. Eleven years later, in 2013, Booe Machinery and Salvage became the second owner. Then, last year Next Generation made a major investment into the industrial park to expand their network of liquid storage for the agriculture industry. There are still four lots for sale at the industrial park.

Southwest Environmental Engineering is most recent Keystone ‘Graduate’

AREA News, Events, News - 08.31.18

Southwest Environmental Engineering owners Jacque Riener and Dan Stoney stand outside their new location on West 7th with their Keystone Graduate certificate.

Business Partners Jacque Riener and Dan Stoney of Southwest Environmental Engineering are the most recent ‘graduates’ of the Keystone Business Center as they have outgrown their office location in the Keystone and have relocated to 204 West 7th Street. Southwest Environmental Engineering helps people comply with environmental regulations. This can include anything from a report to providing guidance through the legal framework with environmental regulations.

Southwest Environmental Engineering got its start in 2014 from Jacque’s kitchen table. Later in the year, Jacque and Dan were able to rent an office in the Keystone Business Center. Jacque said, “The Keystone was a good starting point for our business. With the initial equipment purchases we had to make, it was nice to have affordable office space in the Keystone.”

The networking was also good for Southwest Environmental Engineering as they were able to interact with other businesses in the building and connect with local business leaders who came to the building for meetings.

Dan and Jacque have been business partners since the beginning of the business. Dan does the field work while Jacque specializes in report writing. Their space in the Keystone, while good at the start, limited the amount of storage they had for samples.

The opportunity to purchase their current office space meets some of the current needs the business has. The garage provides storage needed for the business, as well as the increased exposure they have being located less than half a block from B St. The space also gives them additional land and office space and gives them the opportunity to grow

“This is exactly why McCook Economic Development Corporation turned the Keystone into a business incubator,” said Executive Director Andy Long. “The ability for new businesses to get a start in a location with resource providers being on-site and a community of other small businesses is valuable for our area. We’re excited Jacque and Dan have outgrown their space and look forward to our next tenant.”

The Keystone Business Center was purchased by the McCook Economic Development Corporation in 2009. Through a combination of support from the Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, Nebraska State Historical Society, LB 840 Growth Funds, TIF financing, individual donations, and debt financing, the Keystone was restored to serve as a business incubator. Southwest Environmental Engineering’s space is now available and startup businesses can receive an initial monthly rent at half the market rate for the first year. Contact MEDC at 308-345-1200 or andy@mccookne.org for more information.

McCook Employee Recruitment Video Available to Local Organizations

AREA News, Events, News, Photo Feature - 08.21.18





In an effort to assist businesses who recruit workers from outside the area, the McCook Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) released a McCook Recruitment Video to improve the on-line presence for prospective employees. The four minute video features area amenities and testimonials of individuals who are proud to live, work, and play in the McCook area.

The idea of the video was initially formed by former Executive Director Andrew Ambriz and Acme Printing and Design owner Jared Muehlenkamp. Lexi Gross, who is studying Media at Fort Hays State University, was hired as a summer intern to capture the material and develop the video.


Andy Long, MEDC Executive Director said, “For the last couple years, I have heard from major employers who said it was difficult to attract qualified candidates to McCook. When all you see is a little dot on a map, it is hard to attract candidates. We can use this video to help us put our best foot forward and highlight the great quality of life found in southwest Nebraska, it helps make the right first impression to people considering employment here. Coordinating this effort seemed like a great way to provide a service to area employers.”


MEDC welcomes businesses and to link or embed the video on their website that can be found here: https://youtu.be/99vv4EdtGt0. If anyone has questions or needs the code to embed the video, they can contact Andy at andy@mccookne.org or 308-345-1200.

MEDC launches internship and mastermind programs.

AREA News, Events, News - 07.24.18

McCook Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is holding two information sessions on August 1 at 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. at the Keystone 3rd Floor Training Room to introduce their Mastermind and Internship Programs.

Each session will be about an hour long and food will be included, along with a presentation, and information on the new programs.

Individuals will have a chance to get food and visit with others in attendance at the start of the meeting. Then, Lindsay Hastings, the Executive Director of the Nebraska Human Resources Institute, will be giving the program talking about leadership transitions in rural communities. After the presentation, information will be given on the new MEDC programs.

Both programs work to help develop human capital in the McCook area. The mastermind program is looking to establish 2-3 groups of 8-12 people that meet weekly to invest in each other. Group meetings take place either before work or over the lunch hour and will include book discussion, leadership development, and the opportunity to grow together.

The internship program builds on the success of the Rural Futures Interns hosted in McCook the last three years. MEDC will work to connect local high school and college students with area businesses who are looking for summer interns. MEDC will also provide training and follow up with the interns throughout the summer to make it a meaningful experience.

The event and food are free, but MEDC requests you make reservations by July 30 by contacting Angela at angela@mccookne.org or 308-345-1200.

For more information on the mastermind program click here: https://mccookne.org/mccook-mastermind-alliance/

For more information on the intern program click here:  https://mccookne.org/accelerated-interns-of-mccook/