Accelerated Interns of McCook

What is it?

The Accelerated Interns of McCook program is an opportunity for high school and college students to get structured internships over the summer. It helps connect students with the job opportunities in McCook for their future.

For Students:

Students participate in a summer paid internship that consists of a two-day training at the start of the internship, the internship with a local company, additional 10 hours of volunteer service learning, and 250-500 word biweekly reports. Students will receive paid real-world experience, strengths discovery, leadership development, make new connections, and help explore future opportunities for a career in McCook. Students must have a GPA of a 3.0 and at least one teacher reference to be eligible.

For Businesses:

Businesses receive a chance to expose the career opportunities they have available to area students. Businesses will bring a student on as an employee over an eight week period during the summer. MEDC will conduct the initial screening of students, but you make the final hiring decision. Students do participate in a 2-day training date at the start of their internship, delivered by MEDC. Businesses should create a “sideline” project for the intern to complete over the summer in addition to the usual task list.

To Apply:

Applications for students and businesses will be available at a later date. The deadline for businesses to apply is December 1 and the deadline for students to apply is February 15. If you have any questions, please contact Andy at 308-345-1200 or e-mail andy@mccookne.org.