Executive Director Job Description

Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors                      Supervises: Office Manager & Housing Director

Date: April 26, 2017

 Job Summary

Aggressively promotes economic growth for the McCook area through new industrial growth, existing industry expansion and retention and new business creation. Coordination of this economic development is completed with the resources already in place within the community and state.  Directs all planning aimed at deciding methods used in carrying out the organization’s objectives and implementing policies.  Assists in the development and implementation of the short-term, intermediate and long range economic development goals established by the Board of Directors.  Supervises staff when available.



  1. Preparation of annual budget with the assistance of the Board Treasurer and Office Manager and submits budget to Board.
  2. Reviews financial expenditures for reasonableness, appropriateness and compliance
    with budget and Board approval on a regular basis.
  3. Works on developing operational funding sources for the Corporation.
  4. Develops an “inventory” of potential economic development related funding sources for public, private, and not-for-profit community organizations and actively pursues appropriate funds.
  5. Promotes and utilizes the flexible financing alternatives that encourage/attract business expansion/growth.
  6. Works with the City of McCook to coordinate, plan and schedule financial incentives for prospective businesses, including but not limited to LB840 funding and tax increment financing.
  7. Assists the City of McCook with the management of the LB840 funding program.

 Community Relations

  1. Develops a close working relationship with the mayor, council, legislators, and local business and industry leaders, McCook Community College, McCook Chamber of Commerce and government leaders in the Southwest Nebraska region in job retention, creation, and recruitment activities and decisions.
  2. Coordinates all inquires concerning potential industrial development and expansion of business.
  3. Promotes Board membership to desirable candidates.
  4. Promotes and encourages citizens in the industrial and economic growth of the area through frequent public contacts and full utilization of the area media


  1. Develops, reviews and revises as needed, and under the direction of the Board of Directors, economic plans and goal setting on an annual basis.
  2. Executes short term plan through utilization of the Board of Directors.
  3. Coordinate the necessary resources to facilitate economic development
  4. Incorporates regional perspectives into planning process when appropriate.


  1. Promotes McCook throughout the state and country through a properly defined and planned promotion campaign.
  2. Fully utilizes area media, web resources and social media to communicate to the community.


  1. Maintains constant and aggressive contact with known industrial organizations who have visited or expressed an interest in McCook.
  2. Assists in the development of marketing brochures, promotional documents, community quick reference materials, within policy guidelines and budget which will be determined by the Board of                                    Directors.
  3. Develops, implements, and monitors a marketing plan and goals to solicit industrial organizations by use of media advertising, personal contact, direct mailing, or whatever means deemed appropriate.
  4. Calls on suspect and prospect companies within the U.S. cities to acquaint them with the attributes of McCook.
  5. Participates in Nebraska Department of Economic Development prospecting trips, as well as trips coordinated by utility companies.
  6. Ensures, though close working relationships, the involvement/support of  the state government, and other state organizations committed to the economic development of the State of Nebraska.

Property Management

  1. Provides overall management of the Keystone Business Center including promotion of the facility to potential tenants, rents, maintenance of facilities (in the scope of lease agreements) and negotiation of leases (with the assistance of the Board Treasurer).
  2. Periodically inspects the property to ensure that tenants are maintaining properties in good repair.


  1. Directly supervise work of housing director and office manager and is responsible for their work in their absence.
  2. Supervises, promotes and assists housing department as needed.
  3. Prepares Board and executive meeting agendas with background information for president’s approval prior to each meeting.


  1. Attends professional conferences and seminars to gain additional education, certification  and expertise in the field of economic development.
  2. Such other duties and responsibilities as the Board may deem appropriate.