Buy or Sell a Business

The staff at MEDC can help you buy or sell a business. We are particularly concerned that many successful businesses are held by folks nearing retirement, but who have not taken steps to find new owners. It is a great loss to the community and the customer when one of these closes and a loss to that young person who is looking for an opportunity to step up to business ownership. But selling a business takes preparation and patience. Let us help you find the right fit.

For Buyers: We have an active list of businesses for sale. MEDC is the place to start to find financing tools that may be needed to supplement your capital. Most folks wish to be discreet, and will want potential buyers qualified at some level before they disclose financials but may be open to preliminary conversations on a introductory level.

For Sellers: We are not business brokers, but we can help you with the necessary steps of valuation of the business, deciding how you want to seek potential buyers, and if desired put you in contact with a business broker who understands rural markets.