White Thumb Bakers Guild gives New Spin on Old Mill

AREA News, News - 06.12.14

At the heart of all White Thumb Bakers Guild products is high-quality hard red wheat flour from Wauneta Roller Mills, an historic flour mill established in 1925—and which now stands as Nebraska’s last independent, family-owned mill.

Ashley and Rogan Einspahr, a young hometown couple, became the new owners in 2012—and continue the mill’s long and storied history as a provider of premium flour, milled to perfection the old-fashioned way. This is flour milling the way it used to be—and it results in some of the nation’s finest, most consistent baking flour.

White Thumb Bakers Guild is a coalition of four bakery-focused artisans from Nebraska (Wauneta Roller Mills, Sehnert’s Bakery, Prairie Harvest and HomeSpun) who have joined to bring you a hand-selected line-up of some of their signature products all prepared with loving care and unmatched craftsmanship in the prairies of southwest Nebraska.

It all began with McCook Economic Development Corporation’s business coach Sue Shaner and her hard work and dedication in seeing that Wauneta Roller Mills did not close but transitioned to a new generation. She then applied for a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant to promote the products of the mills and area businesses that use those products. With the receipt of the grant and the mission of the McCook Economic Development Corporation’s Keystone Business Center to act as an incubator for new businesses White Thumb Bakers Guild was born.