KBC is Full!

AREA News, News - 03.06.12
KBC is Full

McCook Economic Development Corporation announced today that all of the office space at the Keystone Business Center has been leased.

“We are excited to announce that we have filled all of our available offices, with exactly the kinds of businesses the facility was intended to serve” says Executive Director Rex Nelson,  “all of the businesses who have joined us in the last year and a half are either job creating businesses or organizations that serve the business community. We seem to be meeting a specific need for small start-ups that need a professional space, but can’t swing a full store front office.”

The largest space in the building is on the 4th floor, where facilities were custom designed for 21st Century Systems. 21CSI was not able to fulfill their commitment, but a  project they were working on with Plains Equipment Group has continued to grow, so PEG has stepped up to take that space on the 4th floor. PEG provides call center type support to augment field mechanics and monitoring of on-board GPS data systems in farm equipment, both being marketed as subscription services nationwide. They anticipate adding 2 employees in the next year and potentially more in the future.

Madison’s Café, Engineering International, First Financial Services and Waddell and Reed Financial Services are four of the new businesses now at the Keystone, with two more to be announced in the next 90 days.

Stull Incorporated has leased an office here which has been a big asset to the expansion of the McDonald’s restaurant, as Richard and Jane Stull needed a place where they could manage the expansion project while continuing training and planning activities with their staff. They have made extensive use of the meeting and conference facilities at the KBC.

“We really appreciate the anchor tenants who made early commitments to the project too, as well as the service providers who have joined us to help provide great service to businesses and to the community. One of the exciting additions is our new Tourism director Carol Schlegel; I am pleased to be working more closely with our tourism industry in McCook ” said Nelson. “That brings us to seven service providers in addition to the eleven businesses located here.”

The fifth and sixth floors of the facility are ready for development, with business expansion and residential units as potential uses, although Nelson does not indicate any immediate plans. “For now we are just focused on making the KBC function well and seeing our businesses succeed and hopefully grow out of our this facility into other places in the community.”

List of Tenants

Madison’s Cafe
Engineering International/Jeff Tidyman
First Financial Merchant Services/Phil Corey
Waddell and Reed Financial Services /Laura Walters
Two others that I am not able to announce at this time.

Expanding Businesses:
Plains Equipment Group
Stull Inc. – McDonalds/ Richard & Jane Stull

Service Providers:
McCook Economic Development Corp.
Chamber of Commerce
Mid Plains Center for Enterprise
Red Willow County Tourism and Visitors Committee
Bison Alumni Association
One more yet to be announced.
NBDC and REAP are here monthly or more often to serve businesses.

Anchor Tenants:
Green Law Office
American Family Insurance
McCook Net  (cell phone tower on the roof)