Business Incubation Program

Just starting the business you’ve dreamed of for years? Have an idea that you’re not sure will work? Do you think you want to “be your own boss,” but don’t have a business idea? We have the help you need to get that business off to a good start. The Keystone Business Center houses a certified business incubator, designated by the National Business Incubator Association. No, our incubator doesn’t hatch chicks, but we can help your business “hatch” and be ready to go out into the world, a success. Call Sue Shaner at (308) 340-2698 or e-mail

Statistics show that 80% of businesses that graduate from an incubation program are successful long term. Get support during the critical start-up phase of your business! The MEDC support team includes the business coach, the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project, Mid-Plains Center for Enterprise, GROW Nebraska, Nebraska Business Development Center, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, Creighton Law School, and SCORE. Not to mention local professionals who can assist you with accounting and other issues.