Investing for a Stronger McCook

AREA News - 03.09.15

In May of 2015 the voters of the City of McCook will make two important decisions which will impact the future direction of the community: 1. Whether to renew the existing 1.5%  sales tax and 2. whether to continue to allocate 0.25% of that toward Community Economic Development. The Local Option Sales Tax has, as the name implies, made available a Local funding option for Local investments. The following pages provide information specifically on the Economic Development portion of the sales tax, the strategic intent, where the funds have been utilized and the emphasis we see going forward.

The following is a one page outline of activities in the fund since it’s inception: McCook LB840 Talking Points 2015

For a more complete look though, check out the slide show:  LB840 recap 2-2015 for PDF

Sources and Uses of funds in the Program to date: 2015 L.B. 840 Summary 02.19.15

Here is a draft of the proposed Ballot Question No 2 2015: Draft: McCook Ballot Question No. 2 (LB 840 Amendment) – May 2015 Election